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Shark Tank

Design and Development Camp

April 3, 2023.- April 7, 2023. 

The purpose of the Shark Tank Design and Development Camp, starting April 3, 2023 through April 7, 2023.  Our   program is structured to promote the concept of entrepreneurship and to help students develop their presentation skills by delivering a business pitch to a panel of judges.  We have asked business owners and design professionals to serve as mentors throughout the program.  Pitches should include A brief summary of the basic premise of the business or product concept.  We will also assist with creating a prototype.  

Participants are asked to complete a prospect interview to share their idea in advance of the program.  Each participant will have 11 weeks to develop their idea/device/invention.  During the week of camp, we will bring in experts to teach principles on marketing/advertising, engineering design, trademarking, etc.  

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Please complete all detailed information requested in the form to be considered for the prospect interviews.

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