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Get STEMulated Alumni

Don’t miss our upcoming summer and afterschool programs designed to expose youth to future careers in STEM!

Welcome back, Alumni!

Alumni are a meaningful part of the Get Stemulated community. After all, we’ve been exploring STEM together for 7+ years! You make up a vital part of Get Stemulated history and we are excited to move towards a future of empowering even more youth in STEM.

Any and every girl who has participated in a Get Stemulated program–Summer Camp, After School, Girls in STEM Conference–and/or made Get Stemulated possible as STEM CREW are considered Get Stemulated Alumni. There are now over 1,000 Get Stemulated alumni from middle school to high school to college and career. We cannot wait to meet you, again!  

Love GetSTEMulated? Stay with Us!

Joining our Get Stemulated Alumni gives you access to role models in STEM, program and alumni updates, college and career planning, networking and professional development, and more! Whether you participated in Get Stemulated in 2017 or 2023, and whether you are now in high school or working professionally, we want to hear from you!


Fill out the form below to join the Get Stemulated Alumni, update your contact info, and tell us about the cool things you are doing!

We are in the process of reviewing and updating the ways we engage with alumni–and the network perks we can offer you!–so signing up below is the best way to stay posted for updates and to share your ideas and feedback with us.

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